The traditional education systems often fail to impart the job-aspiring professional with the much needed competitive edge by the time he/she passes out from the system. Neither does he/she realise that they are getting exposed to the professional world as an unfinished product. In this era of extreme volatility between economic blockades and economic boom, corporate world has undergone a big evolution so as to win in the hunt for the best talents and get their hands on them before anyone else does it. This is where a ‘Real Talent’ gets benefited - a candidate who has acquired the knowledge and hands-on experience in the industrial domain he/she aspires to be a part of. With the new technological advancements, the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled professionals could only be seemed to get a quantum leap in the coming years and hence more and more candidates will focus on these professional courses which have become all the more important than any time in the past. Corporate world also strives to hire trained professionals to make sure that their in-house training budget will stay as minimal as possible (a trend which is highly visible among the companies that used to induct fresher candidates in bulk). This increased need for job-aspiring and tech-loving skilled professionals who have the penchant to get a valid job-oriented and industry-synergised training has made the dept. of professional training courses the-need-of-the-time. This is where BigLeap makes the headway by launching the training services in the hottest domains making all the headlines today and which would change the world of IT forever.


Be a facilitator in skill development and campus to corporate connect programs that would one day help us to proud ourselves on looking back at our efforts in transforming maximum youth in the state into employability, thus supporting the nation in yielding what would turn out to be its biggest and most valuable asset.


To build an ecosystem wherein the channels for a job-aspirant to train his powers in order to land a job of his liking, for an employer to fetch a talented and skilled employee suiting its job-role and for academia to promote engineering as a tool to technologically advance this nation find convergence.