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BigLeap as an organization that cares for the young people of this country feels it is within our probity to nurture the job-aspirants in the areas where they stumble on their way to building a career and thereby making the organized sector in this nation where the need for the fresh crops of talented manpower are felt heavier than elsewhere, more and more productive in the coming years.

BigLeap, since its very inception in 2000 has been driving out one single notion; addressing just one yet highly significant matter – improving the employability index among the job-seeking community. The number of engineers and other graduates emerging each year and the number that ends up with any workforce are alarmingly disproportionate. For instance, recent stats say that India churns out almost about 6 lakhs engineers every year. But the number that goes on to become a part of any engineering workforce anywhere across this nation is perniciously low. So what is this problem all about? Where are its roots? If it is not the dearth of talented individuals and definitely not the inadequacy of the numbers turning up, then what is it? Is there any wrong in the attitude of young people? Some say that youngsters these days look up to education as a mere option for livelihood and to financially secure their lives and not a bit for promoting the quality of workforce, providing synergic solutions or to advance technologies.

So, who can fix this issue? What shall be done to solve it? From whichever angle you look at it, the root-cause of this problem lies within the academia itself, where an engineering-aspirant is turned an prospective job-holder. When the academia fails to drive its candidates through an industry-oriented channel, it reflects on the outcome in terms of the outcome being churned out. Academia should strive to induce in its candidates the much needed soft skills only which would make them work-ready. Learning the knowhow of work-culture, which in many ways is same as ‘Job-Readiness’ has to be made a part of the academics and taught from the days as early as at least the third semester of their normative engineering course which would ultimately make them more appealing to a potential employer. Otherwise, he/she is bound to feel well off the beets to adapt to a new culture and environment and fails to express his/her feelings or technically speaking, market themselves to an employer.

This is where BigLeap lends a helping hand to the institutions and students at the same time. From the same old-fashioned rote-learning to a more industry-specific logical way of learning – the transformation that will make the industry-demands and campus-outputs irrevocably linked with each other and only which could help improve the employability index!

BigLeap will remain the purveyor of Employability and wishes to establish our role as the catalyst in conducing positive change in the world around us through spot-on intervention and delivering of high-quality industry-specific training programs which harness the latent skills and raw talents of our youth and thereby increasing the productivity of the entire workforce in India.


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